Reasons Why You Should Care for Your Trees


Trees, and plants, in general, play an important role in our existence. Their well-being or otherwise is bound to affect us in a very big way. Therefore, it is imperative that everybody takes the initiative to care for plants around them. Here is how to do it right:

Trimming Through Different seasons

When it comes to pruning trees, one must consider the different seasons in a year. Winter is the ideal time to get rid of those excess branches. Why? Because the trees are usually dormant during this season. There is little or no growth, hence you don’t have to worry about interfering with their development. It should be done immediately the coldest part of winter is over. This gives the trees enough time to prepare for new growth in spring.

In summer, you deal with those branches emerging from places you do not want. Growth is slow during this season because there are few leaves which are the main food production organs.

Autumn is the worst time to prune trees. There are more decay-causing fungi in the air just waiting to prey on pruned trees. Furthermore, trimmed trees take a long time to heal in Fall. It is advisable to wait it out until the next favourable season to prune, lest you lose all your trees to diseases.

Importance of Pruning

First, pruning is meant to do away with large but weak branches, which are likely to fall and cause damages or injuries. The cost of a professional tree felling expert is nothing compared to the risk on people and repair expenses of damaged property.

Secondly, pruning keeps your trees healthy and strong. By getting rid of dead or diseased branches, you save the entire tree from being infected.

Lastly, there is the aesthetic value of pruning. Cutting overgrown, unwieldy branches gives your home a neat, organized, and beautiful look. It makes the home presentable especially if you want to attract potential buyers. Pruned trees also produce better fruits and flowers.

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